Thursday, July 29, 2010

Determining citrix client versions

So we need to know what Citrix client versions are connecting to our apps. Turns out to be quite do-able:

In Citrix Access Management Console, I select the "Servers" node in our farm, and change the view to "Users". Then select "Choose Columns" and select to display "Client Build Number" - here's one I prepared earlier:

You can them use this handy chart to determine which actual version (9, 10, whatever) these numbers represent. What could be simpler?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dell PE1950 DRAC console redirect error

This afternoon when I tried to use the DRAC ActiveX console redirect doodad to log into the console of one of our PE servers, I got a rather rude error message: "Login failed: channel in use"

The answer suggested at the end of this article worked for me - delete the downloaded ActiveX control. In my case, on a windows 2000 client, the file was C:\WINNT\Downloaded Program Files\Session Viewer - deleted it, deletion failed, waited 20 seconds, tried again, deleted okay, restart IE, and I can use the remote console again.