Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thunderbird, LDAP address books, borked

So we use an LDAP server to provide (among other things) a company-wide address book. And it's really useful. Yay for the good guys! People using Thunderbird point to it, people using webmail point to it, and we all are one big happy family.

Of course, then I got thinking it'd be really neat if people's personal address books could also go into LDAP, you know, so that the same addresses were accessible regardless of them using Thunderbird, webmail, whatever. For me, it'd be super-handy, since I use lots of different computers - I could just add my contacts from wherever I am, and there they are!

Squirrelmail can do this: this is on the list to try soon.

So obviously Thunderbird can too, right? Right? Guys??

Actually, it seems that it cannot, or if it could, you would not be able to edit the entries from Thunderbird's Address Book. Um, well surely I'm not the first person to want to do this... and if you read the bug report for this item, you can read the almost-decade-long history of how OSS projects can just... not quite deliver on the promise, sometimes. I mean, c'mon guys, a DECADE?

The obvious response to this whinge is: if you want it so much, start coding!

Maybe I can live without it :-)

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