Monday, March 29, 2010

Making Citrix appear in the Applications menu for Windowmaker on Ubuntu 9.10

I've gone back to WindowMaker, and am trying to make it Do The Right Things - specifically, display the level of functionality I had under KDE. So far it's all going pretty well. One niggle is that the system menus provided by the default installation don't play nice with the wmprefs tool. Wmprefs generates a prop list format, but the output of updates-menus is not in that format - presumably in the older one.

Anyway, what does it mean? Basically, that you can't manually edit the menus easily. Bit of a pity, but I can live with it. However... where's Citrix gone? It's not in the menus. To fix, add this:

?package(icaclient):needs="X11" section="Applications/Network"\
title="Citrix ICA Manager" command="/usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr" sort="$" \

in a file called /usr/share/menu/wfcmgr and then run (as root) update-menus and hey presto, Citrix ICA manager appears in the Applications/Network menu. Magic!

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