Thursday, September 2, 2010

WSUS, GPO and OU, oh my

I've been wrestling with WSUS - for testing, I only want to apply auto updates to a couple of test victims... err, I mean systems. So I thought I'd create an OU for WSUS, and a sub-OU called test, then create in that a security group, add a couple of test computers to that group. Then apply a GPO to the test OU and hey presto, it would all work. Not so! But along the way I discovered some handy tools to find out why not:

gpupdate /force - force the group policy to update from the DC right now
gpresult - show the set of policies that apply to this computer (and user)

I finally ended up moving the computer's account to a new OU (where the GPO is applied) and it all came good. Annoying, but do-able. Now, to get it detected by the WSUS server:

wuauclt.exe wuauclt /ResetAuthorization /DetectNow - forces the Windows Update agent to trot off to the update server right away. Of course, it doesn't then show up until you manually refresh the view on the WSUS admin console - took me a while to realise that.

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