Thursday, October 21, 2010

ReadyNAS and Cacti: grumble

Since we've been having a few temperature issues lately, I thought it might be a good time to start using our Cacti to graph temperatures, so we can see the trends (as well as the alerts which Nagios sends us). We have a SafetyNet5 which for some reason I cannot get to produce graphs... still puzzling over that one.

But we have a ReadyNAS at most of our sites, so why not get the temperature data and graph that? Good idea, right? Yep, in theory. If I ever get the chance, I'd like to ask the authors of the ReadyNAS MIB why they thought that returning temperature data as a String containing both Celcuis and Fahrenheit data was A Good Idea. For some funny reason, Cacti isn't that keen on numbers that look like this: "32.0C/89.6F"

Oh well, nice try. There is a neato solution for this on the cacti forums, but:
  1. it requires a more recent Cacti than we have
  2. it requires a more recent ReadyNAS firmware than we have

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  1. Update: good news and bad news for firmware 4.1.7

    The Good News: they now return temperature as just a single number. Hooray!

    The Bad News: they chose Fahrenheit.

    Fahrenheit??? C'mon guys, there are only three countries in the world that still use Imperial measurements: Burma, Liberia and the USA. I thought my ReadyNAS was on fire when it started reporting its temperature as 90.