Monday, March 14, 2011

Bacula: mis-matched director and storage daemons, eeep!

The backup solution is coming along nicely, but... ehhh... it turns out there are really good reasons to not mix your Director and Storage Daemon versions:

11-Mar 14:45 rm-bac-1-dir JobId 5: Error: Bacula rm-bac-1-dir 5.0.1 (24Feb10): 11-Mar-2011 14:45:14
  Build OS:               i486-pc-linux-gnu ubuntu 10.04
  Job:                    RestoreFiles.2011-03-11_14.45.12_10
  Restore Client:         wd-server
  Termination:            *** Restore Error ***

11-Mar 14:48 rm-bac-1-dir JobId 6: Start Restore Job RestoreFiles.2011-03-11_14.48.53_13
11-Mar 14:48 rm-bac-1-dir JobId 6: Using Device "rm-nas-1-wd-server"
11-Mar 14:48 rm-nas-1 JobId 6: Fatal error: Bootstrap file error: Keyword Storage not found
            : Line 1, col 7 of file /opt/rfw/var/bacula/working/rm-nas-1.RestoreFiles.2011-03-11_14.48.53_13.3.bootstrap

11-Mar 14:48 rm-nas-1 JobId 6: Fatal error: Error parsing bootstrap file.
11-Mar 14:48 rm-bac-1-dir JobId 6: Fatal error: Bad response to Bootstrap command: wanted 3000 OK bootstrap
, got 3904 Error bootstrap

The ReadyNAS is running version 3.0.3 Storage Daemon. While it will quite happily accept the backup files sent to it, when you try to restore it bombs out - clearly the bootstrap file format has changed sufficiently that this will not work. Darn.

This leaves me with three options:

1. build my own Bacula packages for the NV+ units

2. build my own bacula storage daemon binary (and supporting libs), and
copy this over the older installed bacula on the NV+ units, or remove
packaged versions and make; make install

3. don't use independent bacula storage daemons on each ReadyNAS NV+ and
mount them via NFS

My preferred option is 1 and I am setting up a sparc cross-compile
environment and the ReadyNAS Add-on SDK - while this course has the
highest initial cost (time-wise) it should yield better results, and be
potentially useful later if we decide to package additional software for
the ReadyNAS units.

Option 3 would preclude us using local storage to keep
backup traffic local where that is desired, and would only be my
last-resort option.

You can download a pre-made cross-compile package for Linux here, which I did, and set up a VM to be the cross-compile host. Ubuntu 10.04 failed during configure:

pyarra@ubuntu-sparc-compile:~/bacula-5.0.1$ ./configure --prefix=/home/pyarra/ready-builds/ --host=sparc
[snip oodles of configure messages]
checking whether setpgrp takes no argument... configure: error: cannot check setpgrp when cross compiling

So I've decided to build an Ubuntu 8.04 host to try building with. More on that later!

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